Plan|Bar offers digital solutions for joineries.
Our core business includes design, work preparation and project management in high-end (yacht) interior design. We rely on the software TopSolidWood 3D on the construction part,
as well as Microsoft 365 as planning and communication software for day-to-day business.



We see ourselves as a consulting team that helps companies develop solutions to specific issues. Before any action is taken, the first step in any form of consulting is a detailed analysis of the current situation. This involves looking through processes and collecting data in order to develop strategies for improving operational processes based on this collected information.

Our consulting services are consistently geared to the actual needs of our customers. The primary goal is to develop solutions that fit the company in its entirety and can thus be applied accordingly. Prefabricated structures that are put over a company like a corset often fail to have an effect because they have not been created "from within".


We undertake the planning of complex projects as well as individual sections.

The basis for every planning activity is a comprehensive consultation based on the customer's needs. The needs analysis is crucial for a tailor-made solution that meets the customer's wishes and objectives. In the best case, we see ourselves as an instrument of "help for self-help" and try to make optimal use of existing resources, or to supplement them in a meaningful way


Designing means working out the design of a technical product in such a way that its manufacture becomes possible. Different aspects are taken into account depending on the customer's specifications. Parts of the design can be, for example, the check for economic efficiency and/or for technical plausibility.

The design is normally preceded by a development phase that also includes experimental elements - things are tested and studies are run. Increasing virtualization in the design area can shorten the experimental phase to reduce development costs.


Work preparation is the link between design and manufacturing. At this interface, it is important that the handover is as clean as possible, as it offers great potential for possible sources of error. In many companies, this interface offers great potential for optimization, which is where we come in.


Digitization is also playing an increasingly important role for craft businesses. Processes in planning and implementation are optimized with the help of digital technology. We see ourselves as a competent partner for the implementation of digital technologies.

In the areas of communication and data transfer, there are many opportunities for digitization. For example, cloud-based working can ensure that everyone involved can access the current version status of documents and that information is not lost.


Meaningful visualization is important at every stage of a project within the joinery business. For customers, the creative design is often the deciding factor in whether an order is placed. A lot of potential can be tapped here through an appealing visualization.

In manufacturing, visualizations of various kinds help simplify complex designs. The representation of design details also plays a key role in the production process.

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