In craft businesses, there are always temporary situations in which there is a high density of orders and at the same time a lack of personnel resources. In addition to these fluctuations, there are also dependencies on suppliers. Plan|Bar supports companies in creating a realistic cost breakdown and ensuring end-to-end process management. This reduces the risk of costly manufacturing and planning errors.

For us as a service provider, it means that our customers receive a scope of services agreed in advance, with a clearly defined and calculable cost framework.


When placing new orders, our customers can draw from their own digital library, which has already been created in previous projects. Modules from an already existing structure can be reused. This results in multiple benefits by saving a lot of time and thus costs.


Commitment means giving someone a reliable promise - a "promise". It is fundamental for fair and correct dealings with each other.

Delivering services on time and keeping promises are important values in carpentry. Due to the cooperation of different trades, and the associated imponderables, liabilities are sometimes put to the test. Reliability can be established through forward planning, monitoring of processes, and the ability to deal with changing conditions in the project process.

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